LeadershipWorks – Custom-made transformational Leadership Development Solutions to drive change and deliver results

We co-create Bespoke Programmes for your organisation based on the innovative 3Cs LeadershipWorks Model

Customised to organisation’s day to day realities and challenges; programme design works to optimise learning transfer to ensure return on investment


Design takes account of executives’ learning styles and offers a variety of best practice learning methods e.g. 360 feedback; coaching; simulations; business driven action learning; tailored case studies; relevant concepts and theories


Choose from a menu of leadership and management topics e.g managing change and resistance; conflict and negotiation; power and influence; people and performance; personal impact; team leadership; challenging communications; managing projects and more..

The 3Cs LeadershipWorks model is based on current leadership thinking and wisdom and on best practice in leadership development and adult learning.

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